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Scholarships (US only)   

Breast cancer is a disease that not only affects the person fighting it, but also the family, including the children. The entire family can be put under an emotional and financial strain, this is recognized by a number of organizations. These organizations have set up scholarships to ease the financial burden, and give the kids a chance at further education. Here is a brief list of scholarship programs offered to children of breast cancer patients:

Coalition Against Breast Cancer Scholarship Program
The Coalition Against Breast Cancer was created to ease the emotional and financial burden experienced by the increasing number of children who have lost a parent/relative to breast cancer, or whose parent/relative is currently experiencing breast cancer. The minimum scholarship awarded by the Coalition is $1,000.
C.A.B.C. Scholarship Committee
PO Box 483
St James, NY 11780-0483

Mary Ellen Locher Foundation/Children of Breast Cancer Scholarships
The Mary Ellen Locher Foundation is a national fund established by a mother diagnosed with breast cancer who once worried about her own child's education. The Foundation provides scholarships for secondary education, especially to children who have lost a parent to breast cancer and children of breast cancer survivors.
Mary Ellen Locher Foundation
PO Box 4032
Chattanooga TN 37405

Michael A. Hunter Memorial Scholarship Fund
This nationwide scholarship program is aimed at graduating high-school seniors, community college and four-year university students who are leukemia or lymphoma patients and/or are children of non-surviving leukemia or lymphoma patients.

National Collegiate Cancer Foundation
Provides scholarships to young adults affected by cancer.
PO Box 14521
Silver Spring, MD 20911

Pink Ribbon Scholarship

The Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Fund's mission is to increase awareness and education about breast cancer, and to provide scholarships to high school seniors who have experienced a cancer diagnosis in a member of their immediate family. The Community Foundation is a non-profit organization, that serves El Dorado County, CA.
Pink Ribbon Running Club
4698 Pavonia Court
Cameron Park, CA 95682
Phone: 530-676-9299

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
The Komen Foundation offers up to $10,000 a year over a four-year period to assist young adults in their academic pursuits. For more information visit their website.

The Ulman Cancer Fund
The Ulman Cancer fund for Young Adults National College Scholarship Program helps young adults who have been affected by cancer, and are interested in pursuing a post-secondary education. For specific requirements visit their website.

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