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Walks and Runs   

Each year there are numerous walks and runs held around the world in support of breast cancer. These annual events originate from 1983, when the Komen foundation held the first Race for the Cure, in Dallas, Texas. Here is a list of walks that are now held annually:

International Walks

Dove Pink Star Walk Australia & New Zealand
Race for the Cure     Germany
Ladies Run
The Netherlands
Race for the Cure Italy
Women's 5K challenge    
United Kingdom
Run for the Cure Canada
Race for the Cure
Puerto Rico

Breast Cancer 2 Day:

This is a 39 mile fundraising walk spread over two days, held throughout the entire United States. More information on Breast Cancer 2 Day.


Breast Cancer 3 Day:

This is a 60 mile fundraising walk spread over three days, which is also held throughout the United States. More information on the Breast Cancer 3 Day.



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