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Spotlight November 2011   


16 November 2011

Stichting Pink Ribbon, a Dutch foundation started in 2003 copying the USA originated Pink Ribbon concept and monopolising Pink Ribbon in the Netherlands has only spend 1.8 % of its donation revenues on research.

As a comparison; Pink Ribbon International labels a minimum of 90% of its income for accredited breast cancer research projects.

Stichting Pink Ribbon is not associated to Pink Ribbon International and has used all legal means to ban Pink Ribbon International from Dutch territory.

With the sale of ribbons, magazines (supported by publisher Sanoma) and gala events (supported by Estee Lauder)

Stichting Pink Ribbon raised an amount over 21 million USD from private donations. Only 390.00 USD had been spend on breast cancer research according to a thorough investigation by the Dutch television (NOS).

In 2009 en 2010 no funds at all were labelled for breast cancer research.

Stichting Pinbk Ribbon has been criticized because of its focus on marketing, and celebrities ignoring the reality of cancer and the necessity and responsibility to act accordingly.


Two major Dutch cancer organisations, KWF Kankerbestrijding and A Sisters Hope have terminated their partnership with Stichting Pink Ribbon.

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