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There are a lot of ways to cover your head if you do lose your hair. A wig is the most obvious choice. But not everyone fancies this. Wigs can be a bit hot, obviously more so in the summer. Some people often prefer hats, scarves or baseball caps, or go natural.

There are three types of wigs:
- Man made (synthetic) hair, for example acrylic
- Real (human) hair
- Wigs that are made of both.

Synthetic wigs are a lot cheaper than real hair wigs. You can find most synthetic wigs in a wide variety of styles, lengths and colors. You don’t have to style them and they won’t get damaged in the rain.

If you lose all your hair you can get adhesive pads with your wig to stop it slipping.  Some people say wearing these pads makes the wig feel more secure and helps them feel more confident. The downside to synthetic wigs is that they are not very good with direct heat on them.  It can melt the fibers. You can’t use a hair dryer or curling wand and you’ll need to wash your wig in cold water.

Real hair wigs are much more expensive than synthetic ones. The cost will depend on where you buy the wig and its style and length.

Real hair wigs last much longer than synthetic ones, but they are harder to look after. If you decide to have a real hair wig you need to start fitting soon after your treatment, so it will be ready in time for when your hair begins to fall out. Unlike a synthetic wig you can’t wash a real hair wig and you must protect it from the rain.

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