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Breast Form   

Women, who have lost a breast to breast cancer can use breast forms to simulate the look and feel of a natural breast. The breast forms are a good alternative for women who do not want to undergo breast reconstructive surgery. Breast forms are a type of prosthesis, which can either be worn inside a bra, or attached to the body. They simulate the weight, bounce, feel, movement, and the natural look of the female breast. The modern breast forms are designed by computers and can be attached to the chest. These can be worn with strapless dresses and lingerie, while showering and sleeping. Breast forms can also sometimes cause skin irritation, if this happens you can buy special bras with sewn in pockets, or have your own bras adapted for the pockets.

There is a waiting period between a mastectomy and the fitting of a breast form. The site of the surgery should heal first before you can be fitted for a permanent form. Your doctor will let you know when this is. There is no real suggested waiting period, as the healing process is different for everybody. Besides the fact that your tissue needs to heal before you can get a form fitted, the chemotherapy you undergo may also leave you too sensitive for the constant movement of a form.

It is important to read your insurance policy when purchasing breast forms, as some health insurance agencies might cover the costs of your purchases. It is also good to ask your doctor for prescriptions for you forms and bras. What you should keep in mind though is that once you have submitted a claim for your form, your insurance agency might not cover you for any future breast reconstruction surgery, should you wish to undergo it.


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