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After Treatment   

After successfully completing breast cancer treatment a feeling of relief and excitement is often felt, but this is often followed by a feeling of anxiety. The biggest stress point for breast cancer survivors is the fear that it will return. This fear of recurrence will stay with survivors, but over time woman who have beaten breast cancer learn to live with that fear.

During breast cancer treatment patients get used to seeing their doctor and nurses on a daily basis, but from one day to another the daily visits stop. This is another point which breast cancer survivors struggle with, the change in daily habits. After successfully completing the treatment procedure, you will no longer need to see your doctor every day. You will instead be scheduled for the follow-up care, which at first will be every 4-6 months. The longer you are breast cancer free, the less often you have your appointments, and after 5 years, the appointment will only be once a year.

It is important to keep in mind that after your treatment is finished it will be difficult to return to how things were before. Breast cancer is a life altering experience, and you will not be the same person after treatment, as you were before. It is therefore often easier to find not to "get back to normal", but to find what is normal for you now. Breast cancer survivors often have a different look on life; this can continue to change during the recovery.

A new "normal" life may include changes to your eating habits, your sexuality, and your thoughts on pregnancy.


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