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Pink Ribbon Inc. Boardmembers

Dr. ir. Xavier Weert, PhD hons MPhil MSc

Xavier Weert has been a part of Pink Ribbon Inc. since its beginning, and has greatly contributed to the organizational setup of our Foundation. He is currently a strategy consultant for a number of European universities, such as the University of Cambridge and the University of Dresden. Aside from providing consultancy services to the educational sector, Xavier is also an international consultant for a number of organizations, such as the VTT in Finland and the TNO in the Netherlands. In the past he has also worked as a funding strategist for the Dutch Cancer Society (NKI), and worked as a consultant for the European Commission. He is an accomplished strategist and visionary with vast experience in the consulting, organizational and financial fields. Xavier Weert received his PhD cum laude in Chemical Engineering from the Imperial College, London, in 1997.

Ton van der Stap

Ton van der Stap has been a vital source of support for Pink Ribbon Inc. from the start. As the father of Sophie van der Stap, an internationally renowned writer and cancer survivor, and husband of Loes, a breast cancer survivor, he has been dedicated to the fight against cancer. Ton van der Stap is currently the CEO of Vadesta, an organization that initiates and organizes collaborations and ventures in new markets. With more than 15 years of market experience Ton van der Stap has been part of numerous projects for document- and knowledge-management, assisting the government as well as the banking- and insurance-world. He also has 10 years of experience on the board of the NMA Association for Information-Management, of which 5 years as the president. He is also currently a member of numerous congress-committees and head of jury of the NMA Award.

Walter Scheffrahn MA LLM MBA MBI

Walter Scheffrahn is the founder of Pink Ribbon Inc., initiating the non profit organization as a tribute to his sister, Desiree Scheffrahn, a breast cancer survivor. With extensive experience in different areas of management within the multinational environment, he has assisted in numerous investment projects through private equity and reinvestment strategy. Prior to his corporate experience he served four years in the army, attending the Royal Military Academy. He specialized in Psychology and Sociology, graduating in 1988. In 1994 he received his university degrees in Law, Business Economics, and Tax Economies, all focusing on Brand & Company Valuation. He attended Rotterdam School of Management and a course at George State University in Atlanta, Georgia.




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